If a firefly can survive a hurricane, so can we!

Hurricane of Happenings

On the evening of the 6th of September 2017, the day after hurricane Irma devastated our beautiful island Sint Maarten, a little firefly flew by at the doorstep of our house. From the pure power of that firefly we all learn that the light and strength to survive comes from within. Together we can rise up, build up and shine again.

Foundation Hurricane of Happenings is founded with its main goal to spread positivity amongst Sint Maarten’s society by using the power of words and images. We do this by setting up creative and artistic projects aiming to bring back hope and happiness in the streets of Sint Maarten.

” Because don’t you know yet? It is your light that lights the world. ”


We believe in the power of words. And the power of imagination. With the following projects we aim to spread positivity and happiness.

Survivor shirts

We created 250 Survivor Shirts with the GoFundMe donations and support form Promotex, by donating 250 free t-shirts! Sharing is caring an you all made it happen. Thank you.

The power of words. Plain simple. We shared these Survivor Shirts out for free to the youngsters, hard workers and local living on the island. Love. Unite. Rebuild. Rise. Because together we can.

Wall paintings

With all the donations we have received as well as a donation from the Lions Club in Sint Maarten, we created a big and beautiful mural in the neighborhood of Sint Peters, at the basketball court.

Together with the help of friends, locals, the youth brigade and youngster from the neighborhood we made it happen. Spreading the power of words and images. Lightening up the neighborhood after it was heavily damaged by Hurricane Irma.




Directly after the Hurricane we created a little webshop with t-shirt designs together with our good friend Esli Tapilatu from Capital of Happiness. The benefits of the sold merchandise went directly into the foundation en creation of the mural and Survior Shirts.

The webshop is not online anymore since it has reached it goal, but you can check out the designs right here.

If you are still interested let us know.

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About us

Foundation Hurricane of Happenings is founded on October 9th 2017 by Astrid Schrage with the help of Minke-Anna Scheltema, Daphne Prevoo and Cor de Bruin. All four are artists and are working of have been working during the time of the Hurricane as Art & Drama teachers at the Milton Peters College and Sundial School in Sint Maarten.

Sint Maarten got hit very badly by Hurricane Irma on September 6th 2017. This major Hurricane devastated the Island and its community. With the power of images and words, in a creative way, through arts and culture, Hurricane of Happenings aims to bring back hope and love into the community by spreading empowering words and setting up community based projects.

We believe in the power of words, images and inspirational quotes. By wearing positive words you empower yourself and others. We got a lot of support by donations and people buying our merchandise apparel in the online store. Sharing is caring and thanks to everyones help we have been able to spread Survivor Shirts and create a beautiful big mural at the Sint Peters basketball court with the help of so many people. Thank you for helping us to spread some Love and Positivity!

“Imagination is key to everything. If you can dream it, you can do it”

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Sint Maarten has a strong community with a lot of organizations working hard to get the Island back up and running.

Here you find some of our dedicated friends who can use your help too!





Thank You!

Without your help all this would never have been possible.

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